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Transforming Houses into Dream Homes

At Ascension Home Contractors, our services are not about renovating homes – we are dreamers, innovators, and designers of luxury living spaces! Having more than 20 years of personal expertise and a dedication to transforming houses into dream homes, we are committed to bringing top-of-the-line renovation visions.

Established by the forward-thinking business leader Oneldo “Jimmy” Garcia, Ascension Home Contractors is dedicated to innovation, creativity, and loyalty to excellence. Jimmy’s evolution from a beginner to a chief executive officer shows a solid devotion to quality work. Using his extensive knowledge in the industry and a strong sense of design, Jimmy has brought together a group of skilled artisans and craftsmen dedicated to turning houses into master art pieces.

At Ascension Home Contractors, we focus on complete home improvement services to improve all parts of your living area. Our team can confidently handle any project, whether a high-end bathroom remodel or a modern kitchen renovation. When we install cedar siding, build custom decks, or create sheds, we focus on every detail and prioritize excellent artistry.

Ascension Home Contractors believes each home can become a work of art, and we work hard to assist you in realizing that potential! If you have a vision for a luxurious bathroom, a modern kitchen, or an outdoor living space. In that case, we will dedicate ourselves to making it a reality with creativity and skill.

Discover the unique Ascension experience and see why Maryland homeowners call us to make their renovation visions a reality. Ascension Home Contractors offers endless possibilities, incredible results, and a fantastic transformation!

Oneldo “Jimmy” Garcia, the visionary leader of Ascension Home Contractors, brings his wealth of experience, expertise, and passion for home improvement to the forefront. With over 20 years in the industry, Jimmy started as an apprentice and worked his way up to CEO with hard work and commitment to excellence. His love for renovations began early, where he learned from expert professionals and quickly gained valuable insights.

Jimmy’s leadership style revolves around providing superior service and setting high standards for home improvement. He founded Ascension Home Contractors to deliver perfection through a hands-on approach, inspiring his team to follow suit. His commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in every interaction, building lasting relationships on trust and integrity.

Aside from his CEO role, Jimmy gives back to the community by mentoring aspiring professionals and driving continuous improvement and innovation within the industry. Under his guidance, Ascension Home Contractors is known for quality, expertise, and exceptional service, setting new standards with each project. Jimmy’s impact goes beyond achievements, transforming houses into homes with passion and dedication.

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